Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Jersey Bill Dead for Now!

By Margaret Dore

On June 26, 2014, an "Aid in Dying" bill, which would have legalized assisted suicide and euthanasia for people with a wide range of illnesses, disabilities and conditions, was pulled from the New Jersey Assembly agenda.  The reason:  the bill lacked the votes to pass.  

The bill, A2270, would have legalized assisted suicide and euthanasia for people predicted to have less than six months to live.  The catch was that the six months to live was based on the patient's not being treated. Such persons can have, years, even decades to live.  For a further explanation, please click here at pages 5-8.  

Consider also these comments by the disability rights group, Not Dead Yet:  
“We have a lot of reasons for concern about legalizing assisted suicide,” said Diane Coleman of Not Dead Yet. “One of our biggest concerns, given the rising tide of abuse of elders and people with disabilities, is that no law can prevent assisted suicide coercion behind closed doors.” . . .
“The more legislators learn about the details, the more they turn against an assisted suicide bill,” said Not Dead Yet regional director John Kelly, a New Jersey native. Kelly is also director of Second Thoughts Massachusetts.
The sponsor of A2270 is expected to reintroduce it in September.  Please consider a generous donation to Choice is an Illusion, Not Dead Yet and other opposition groups to stop this from happening.

Thank you so much!