Wednesday, December 14, 2016

John Kelly Published in Cape Code Times

John Kelly testifying
Proponents of [legalizing assisted suicide present it] as a fairytale in which doctors can predict the future and everyone wants the best for you.
In the real world, legalized assisted suicide inevitably leads to the tragic deaths of innocent people, through mistakes and abuse.
Every year nationally, thousands of people prove doctors wrong by outliving their mistaken terminal diagnosis. Every year in Oregon and Washington, doctors prescribe suicide for people who are not terminally ill. You may have months, years, or decades of life left, but with assisted suicide it takes just one mistaken doctor and their colleague to put you in the ground.

One out of every 10 older adults is abused every year, mostly by adult children and caregivers. Someone in line to inherit your estate can help sign you up, pick up the prescription, and then take action against you. No witness is required at the death, so who would know?
Let’s protect innocent people like ourselves from a law that could send us to our early deaths.
John B. Kelly
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