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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Australian Man Convicted of Assisting Suicide

An Australian man has been convicted of aiding his wife's suicide, after a court heard he had coveted payouts from her life insurance.
Jennifer Morant, 56, had suffered from chronic pain but was not terminally ill when she died in 2014, a court heard.
A jury found that Graham Morant, 69, counselled and aided his wife to take her life. He had denied both charges.

The Queensland Supreme Court heard that one of the convictions appeared not to have a global precedent.
Prosecutors had told the court that Morant stood to receive A$1.4m (£770,000; $1m) as the sole beneficiary of his wife's life insurance policies.
Morant claimed innocence by saying he did not know the details of the policies.
Justice Peter Davis said the jury had ruled that Mrs Morant would not have ended her life without her husband's counselling, the Courier Mail newspaper reported.  To learn more, click here.