Why Choice is an Illusion?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Delaware: Tell Legislators to Vote "No" on HB 160

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• HB 160 legalizes assisted suicide and euthanasia as those terms are traditionally defined.

• The bill applies to people with years or decades to live.

• Assisting persons can have their own agendas: an adult child wanting an inheritance; a financial predator seeking financial gain; or a doctor wanting to hide malpractice.

• Assisting persons are allowed to communicate for the patient during the lethal dose request process.

• Administration of the lethal dose is allowed to occur in private without a doctor or witness present. If the patient objected or even struggled, who would know?

•  The bill says that the death certificate “must” list a terminal illness as the cause of death. This will prevent prosecution for murder, no matter what the facts.

•  The bill, if enacted, will create the perfect crime.

• The bill merely requires that actions be taken in “accordance” with its provisions. Actual compliance is not required.

• The bill is based on a similar law in Oregon.  In Oregon, even law enforcement has no access to data collected by the state regarding individual deaths.  There is a  near complete lack of transparency.

For additional information, click here: www.choiceillusiondelaware.org

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