Why Choice is an Illusion?

Saturday, November 23, 2019

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Margaret Dore and Elaine Kolb,
after testifying in Connecticut
Choice is an Illusion and its president, Margaret Dore, work with other people and groups throughout the US and internationally, to stop and reverse the spread of legal assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Dore is a fourth generation lawyer in Washington State USA, where her work has included guardianship and family law.  She has seen the terrible things that people do to each other for money. This includes court-appointed guardians who steal from the very people they are charged to protect. 

In 2009, assisted suicide became legal in Washington State. In an American Bar Association publication, Dore explains:
In my guardianship cases, people were financially abused and sometimes treated terribly, but nobody died and sometimes we were able to make their lives much better. With legal assisted suicide, the abuse is final.
Dore has personally appeared, lobbied and/or testified against assisted suicide in more than 20 US states and the US Congress.

In 2016, Dore's affidavit in a South African court case was credited with the defeat of assisted suicide.  In 2018, Dore's argument that legalization "is a recipe for elder abuse" supported defeat of a bill in Portugal.  

So far in 2019, Choice is an Illusion, and its allies, have pushed back against assisted suicide and euthanasia in many states, including: ConnecticutMarylandNevadaNew Mexico and Rhode Island.

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