Tuesday, April 2, 2019

U.S. States Strengthen Their Laws Against Assisted Suicide

Alabama Governor Kay Ivy
By Margaret Dore, Esq., MBA

In the last eight years, at least nine states have strengthened their laws against assisted suicide/euthanasia. They are:

1.  Alabama:  In 2017, Alabama enacted the Assisted Suicide Ban Act;
2.  Arizona:  In 2014, Arizona strengthened its law against assisted suicide.
3.  Georgia:  In 2012, Georgia strengthened its law against assisted suicide.
4.  Idaho:  On April 5, 2011, Idaho strengthened its law against assisted suicide.
5.  Louisiana:  In 2012, Louisiana strengthened its assisted suicide/euthanasia ban.

6.  New Mexico:  In 2016, the New Mexico Supreme Court overturned a lower court decision recognizing a right to physician aid in dying, meaning physician assisted suicide. Physician-assisted suicide is no longer legal in New Mexico. See Morris v. Brandenburg, 376 P.3d 836 (2016).
7.  Ohio:  In 2017, Ohio strengthened its law against assisted suicide. See  http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/3795
8.  South Dakota:  In 2017, the South Dakota Legislature passed Concurrent Resolution 11, opposing physician-assisted suicide. See Bill History.
9.  Utah:  In 2018, Utah amended its manslaughter statute to include assisted suicide. For more information, see https://le.utah.gov/~2018/bills/static/HB0086.html and click “status.”