Friday, May 31, 2024

Alex Schadenberg Regarding Canada & the United States, including Good News

Dear Friends: ... 

Sylvie Berube (BQ) MP sponsored Bill C-390, a bill that would extend Canada’s law by allowing euthanasia approvals by advanced request. The bill amends the federal euthanasia law by adding to sections of the law the words: “or an applicable provincial framework.” Last year, the Québec government passed Bill 11, which expanded the Québec law by (among other things) allowing euthanasia by advanced request. Bill C-390, if passed, would amend Canada’s euthanasia law by changing the federal law based on amendments to provincial laws. In other words, Québec could legislate federally.

In the US, Democrat Members of Congress have introduced Bill HR 8137, which would allow federal funding for assisted suicide and reverse the 1997 Assisted Suicide Funding Restriction Act. HR 8137 would permit funding for “medical aid-in-dying” by defining it as not being euthanasia, mercy killing or assisted suicide. In other words, HR 8137 allows US government funding for assisted suicide by claiming it is not assisted suicide. The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) has sponsored a petition opposing US federal funding for assisted suicide.

Good news. The New Hampshire House passed an assisted suicide bill by a close vote of 179 to 176, but the State Senate rejected the assisted suicide bill, by a vote of 17 to 7. In 2024, there have been 20 US states with assisted suicide legalization bills with almost all of these being defeated. We remain concerned about Delaware and New York.

Toronto physician Dr Ewan Goligher wrote a book titled: “How Should We Then Die? A Christian Response to Physician-Assisted Death”. It is divided into six easy-to-read chapters each containing stories from Dr Goligher that are linked to a Christian response. This is an excellent book for people with a Christian world-view. EPC is selling the book for $20 (+ tax in Canada and shipping).

EPC has faced cyber attacks designed to invade our network that were prevented by our network software. We are planning to spend approximately $2,000 for hardware to ensure protection of confidential information. Donations to EPC enable us to maintain a high level of privacy within our computer network.

On June 9, I will be running in the Forest City Road Races half-marathon to raise money for EPC. Sponsor me by clicking this link and selecting “Alex’s Race June 9” in the drop-down. One of the reasons that I decided to train for this half-marathon run is that EPC needs money to cover the $20,000 cost of our legal intervention and we need money to upgrade our cyber security. I am very thankful to everyone who becomes a monthly or regular EPC donor.

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