Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kate Kelly on the "Liverpool Pathway"

If you think the "Liverpool Pathway" is painless, gentle, and/or dignified, think again. My mother had a mild stroke in a Canadian care facility. The relative with power of attorney, along with a doctor who had never seen my mother before, decided she would have morphine only, although she was conscious, trying to speak, and indicating she wanted water. She moaned for days, had blisters inside her mouth, had to be given suppositories to prevent convulsions, and clamped her lips on a dampened cloth, which provided only the illusion of moisture. After 6 days without food or water, she finally died.


We already have abuse of authority by some doctors. Assisted suicide will give them even more power. The push for suicide as a "cure" indicates a society gone mad.

To read my mother's story, see