Saturday, January 25, 2014

Montana board forced to remove position statement. Help us make it permanent & overturn Baxter

For the last three years, Montanans Against Assisted Suicide (MAAS) has been an integral player in keeping assisted suicide from becoming legal in Montana.  Most recently, MAAS has been prosecuting a lawsuit against the Montana Board of Medical Examiners.  The suit has already caused the Board to remove a position statement implying that assisted suicide "may" be legal in Montana.

The lawsuit, however, has also been dismissed due to the Board's removal of the position statement.  See court order here.  If MAAS does not appeal by February 11, 2014 , there will be nothing to stop the Board from re-issuing its statement, or a worse statement, the very next day.  Appeal will also allow MAAS to challenge the Baxter decision, which proponents claim legalized assisted suicide in Montana.  A MTN News article describes the situation, as follows:
 [The] position paper - in response to the lawsuit - has since been rescinded by the Board and scrubbed from its website. But [MAAS's attorney, Margaret] Dore said court action was still needed to prevent the Board from reinstating such a position.
She repeatedly asked District Judge Mike Menahan to weigh in on a Montana Supreme Court ruling known as Baxter, that envisions potential defenses to doctors charged with homicide for assisting with suicide.
Sanjay Talwani, "Montana judge hears assisted suicide arguments," MTN News, December 11, 2013.

Problems with legal assisted suicide include that it encourages people with years to live, to throw away their lives.  Legalization also creates new opportunities for elder abuse, for example, when there is an inheritance involved.  In Oregon, legalization has enabled Oregon's Medicaid program to offer the "treatment" of suicide in lieu of desired treatments (to improve the quality of life, to extend life or to cure). 

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MAAS's attorney, Margaret Dore, who is also President of Choice is an Illusion, is donating her time. Choice is an Illusion has also provided financial support for the MAAS lawsuit.  Ongoing funds are, however, needed to pay for the rest of MAAS's legal team including the Charlton Law Firm and for out of pocket expenses such as transcripts, computer research and court fees.   We are asking for your support as your finances allow.  Any amount is appreciated.
Choice is an Illusion is proud to have been part of MAAS' victory to force this action by the Board.  Please donate directly to MAAS, or to Choice is an Illusion as set forth below:

Please make checks payable to: MAAS, 610 North 1st St. Suite 5-285, Hamilton, MT  59840, or to Choice is an Illusion, 1001 4th Avenue, 44th Floor, Seattle, WA 98154

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