Monday, February 9, 2015

Montana: Defeat SB 202!

The Montana Legislature is considering SB 202, which if passed, would legalize assisted suicide and euthanasia in Montana.

SB 202 is modeled on a similar law in Oregon.

The bill, if passed and interpreted in the same way as Oregon's law, will render young adults with chronic conditions such as diabetes, "eligible" for assisted suicide/euthanasia.  Such persons can live long healthy lives, for years, even decades.  See e.g., here, pp. 4-6 and here, p. A-39.

The bill, if passed, will create the following problems:
  • It will encourage people with years to live to throw away their lives. 
  • It will create new paths of elder abuse, especially in the inheritance context.  See e.g., here, p. 15 and here.
  • It will empower health care systems to steer patients to suicide, which is well documented in Oregon where assisted suicide is legal.  See e.g., here, p. 16, here, p. A-49 and here.
If the bill is passed, and Montana follows the "Oregon experience," other "conventional" suicides will increase, which will create serious public welfare/financial issues in Montana (in Oregon, conventional suicides are a $41 million problem, due to hospitalizations, injuring other people, rehab, etc).  See e.g., here, p. 18 and here, pp. A-70 to A-76.
To view documentation regarding other problems with legalization, please click here for the text; click here for the attachments

Please tell the Montana Legislature to vote "NO" on SB 202.

Thank you,

Margaret Dore, Esq., MBA, President
Choice is an Illusion, a human rights organization
206 697 1217.