Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Oregon Doctor Kenneth Stevens: "Vote against ABX2-15, in order to save people’s lives.”

Dear Assemblymembers:

I have been a cancer doctor in Oregon for 49 years.  I am opposed to legalized assisted suicide.

It encourages people to prematurely throw away their lives. The California bill ABX-15 is modeled after the Oregon law. It applies to people predicted to have less than six months to live.  That does not necessarily mean that they are dying.

Fifteen years ago I had a patient with inoperable anal cancer who wanted assisted suicide for herself, and who was refusing radiation and chemotherapy.  Because she was refusing treatment she was eligible for assisted suicide.  I encouraged her to be treated, which she later agreed to, and now she is very alive and happy 15 years later.

Even patients with insulin-dependent diabetes are eligible for assisted suicide if they stop using insulin – Diabetic patients have died in Oregon from assisted suicide!

I urge you to vote against ABX2-15, in order to save people’s lives.

Thank you,

Dr. Kenneth Stevens, MD
Sherwood, OR