Thursday, June 23, 2016

Czeck Cabinet rejects deputies' bill allowing euthanasia

Prague, June 22 (CTK) - The Czech centre-left cabinet rejected yesterday a deputies' bill enabling to
perform euthanasia in strictly defined cases, two ministers have written on Twitter. . . 

The final decision on it is up to parliament.

Deputy PM Pavel Belobradek (KDU-CSL) and Industry and Trade Minister Jan Mladek (CSSD) have reported on the government's negative stand on Twitter.

"The bill, if passed, could result in the killing of people," Mladek wrote.
. . .

The government . . . . believes that it is unsuitable for the Czech Republic to follow the example of the countries where euthanasia is legal, which the authors of the bill suggest.

"In these countries, cases of clear misuse of euthanasia have been proved, aimed to vacate hospital beds, as well as cases of family members pushing for euthanasia for dubious reasons, and also unpunished cases of the failure to observe the conditions set by law," the government's preliminary position said.

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