Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tell the Nevada Legislature to Say "No" to SB 261

* SB 261 seeks to legalize physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia as those terms are traditionally

* Passing the proposed bill will encourage people with years or decades to live to throw away their lives.

* The bill is sold as voluntary, but does not even have a provision requiring administration of the lethal dose to be voluntary.

* Assisting persons can have their own agendas: an adult child wanting an inheritance; a financial predator seeking financial gain; or a doctor wanting to hide malpractice.

* Administration of the lethal dose is allowed to occur in private without a doctor or witness present. If the patient objected, or even struggled, who would know?

* The death certificate will list a terminal condition as the cause of death. This will prevent prosecution for murder, no matter what the facts.

* The bill, if passed, will create the perfect crime.

Tell the Nevada Legislature to Say "No" to SB 261