Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Follow up by Mark Komrad MD (pictured below)


[Theo Boer, Professor of Health Care Ethics in the Netherlands] spoke last Friday. Many asked that I send the link to the lecture when available. Here it is: https://doctorssayno.net/webinars/

[Professor Boer] spoke about the decades of experience with euthanasia in that country and how it has affected and changed some fundamental cultural values there regarding life, death, and disability.  He document[ed] how it grew vastly beyond the initial parameters. 

This was a very worthwhile talk by Dr. Boer who was  involved in the early days of  the medical euthanasia's roll out in the Netherlands. He was initially supportive, but saw it get quite out of hand. So he became an opponent, and a Cassandra, warning other countries to not go down that path. 

At [the above] link are several other lectures we sponsored including one by me on "Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide for Mental Illness.” 

There are more online talks to come in the Fall.


Mark S. Komrad M.D., DFAPA,